Weekend Raft Urchin Papers

Well, the fires are lessening locally and so is the smoke that's been hanging in the air for the last couple of weeks. It's nice to be able to get some outdoor workouts in and not feel like I've just been in the smoking section of an airplane back in the 80's. Yeah that was a thing.

Ampere "leaks" are showing quite a powerful looking GPU from Nvidia with a pretty powerful estimated price tag of around $1400 US. Ridiculous, but I bet there will be folks out there who buy four of them at once because, new stuff OMG. Then they can sell them on Ebay or $2000. I still think, and actually quite hope, that AMD will undercut that price with RDNA2. We should be seeing real info on both sides fairly soon. I think.

I'm sure there's plenty of actual news to look at but I actually have shit to do and not lots of time to spend on this morning's WRUP. So we'll catch up next week. Hopefully you're all still staying safe out there pandemic world.

What Are We Playing?

Greywolfe: magic! and more rayman origins. it turns out that the game does a left turn thing where you're supposed to go back to the first few worlds and do extra levels in them. that's exhausting, but i can't say i'm surprised. i only had half of the collectibles last week and that seemed like a weird place for the game to end [which it sort of looked like it was doing.] - so, more of that? and some old, old dos games. this week, i'm going to be doodling around with alley cat. i'm finding that going back to these very old dos games is a little like "covid comfort food" and i'm enjoying the trip back down memory lane a lot.

AJ: Super Dodge Ball and maybe one more weekend of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I’ll probably take a break, come September, but that game is super addicting.

Scroo: Mortal Shell, though it's nearly finished already. I'm installing Remnant: From the Ashes. It looks like it should be a fun co-op thing to do. Horizon Zero Dawn is done and man I loved it. I'll probably even start New game plus at some point.

Yoda: Yoda gonna Dota and Warframe lol Also finally started reading Dune and kinda don't want to stop lol

Tru: I'll game if I can but I have teacher shit to do


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