Smoke WRUP

It's hot and there are approximately 9853187 wildfires burning all around thanks to recent lightning storms. But we're still playing games.


It's been quite a toasty couple of weeks. Temperatures here at my own home have been nearing 110 degrees so this week when it was mere 97 I was cheering. That is until the sky filled with smoke from fires all over CA. CalFire's land management sucks, you guys. To be clear, I'm not talking about the people of CalFire, they work very hard and deserve respect for that. I'm talking about the organization itself. I won't go more into it because I don't want to get too ranty today.

We actually do have a couple of nearby fires now as well but a couple of days ago it was just smoke from Monterey, Napa and northern CA blowing down the central valley and sitting on the mountains where I live. It's been muggy and gross and hopefully those who are displaced by these wildfires are finding some comfort. I have seen large community outreach and disaster help rolling out all over. This is good, keep it up.

What about these games though?

Well, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 actually seems pretty awesome. Sorry, not a game, a full blown sim. Regardless, the graphical quality is pretty awesome using satellite maps and real time telemetry to bring you a near photo realistic view of the world around you along with actual air traffic. If you see a plane in the air while you're flying, and it's not another player, It's an actual flight taking place at that moment in real space. Pretty awesome. It seems to take a particularly burly system to run well, but that's kind of always been the way flight sim has worked. As tech improves you'll be able to get more from the title. I also saw something about a DX12 patch coming that will allow all-core CPU usage and that could help a ton.

Horizon Zero Dawn has had a couple of patches to help improve issues that folks are having. Not much in the way of game play performance but things like crashes and load times and some other, more serious problems have been addressed. I haven't had many issues at all with it personally but I've seen a few crashes and that's annoying. Hopefully the low frame rates will be patched away soon as well.

Oculus users are pissed. With good reason actually. Soon you'll be forced to use a Facebook account in order to use your Oculus. I still don't have a VR set, I'm not on board, and I'm not on FB because ew. But I guess if I do get a VR set at some point I won't get an Oculus.

What are we playing? I hear you ask.

Greywolfe: i just need one collectible, [collectible obtained!] then i'm half way through rayman origins.  the level design is getting trickier as i go along, given it's controls, i'm not sure that's entirely a good thing.  :( - i'm also just magic'ing.  and playing some SUPER DUPER old dos games [defender of the crown was the last one i beat.]

Tru: Now that Distance Learning for school is back I'm in full swing being a teacher again. This leaves me with little energy to game. But I hope to play some Warframe with friends if they actually want to play. I've been thinking of going back to finish Control (I kinda just stopped cause of life), the fact that the next DLC for that will tie in with Alan Wake (one of my favorite games, say it with me kids, OF ALL TIME!) has me sorta pumped. I also have been neglecting my island in Animal Crossing so I should check on that... Perhaps I'll finally try out the new Paper Mario, or play more Vampyr. I guess what I'm trying to say, is I plan to game if I have the energy.

Scroo: I'm seeing a fisnish coming along soon for Horizon Zero Dawn. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing again and the Frozen Wilds DLC is a great addition, taking place in Yellowstone. I'm really interested in picking up Mortal Shell, the price is right. And more Deep Rock Galactic.

AJ: Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Forza Horizon 3.


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