Summer in VRUP

So I’ve been mostly immersed in VR for the last week and I have to say: still loving it. I also found out that motion sickness gets a lot better over time, at least in my case. Now, I was never having large issues with it, but certain games that allowed you to move and look around with the controller sticks made my belly turn upside down. Turns out that’s no longer the case. Pretty awesome since the teleportation method of moving is somewhat flawed in many cases.

The thing I don’t get however: Why is the start of summer season the perfect time for VR releases? Star Trek Bridge Crew, Superhot VR on Vive, Farpoint and some other stuff on PSVR, plus that PSVR aim-controller. Only fat nerds like myself tend to stick indoors during summer and we are already having a hard enough time trying to avoid death by heat strokes without a bulky and warm display strapped to our faces. I get that PR and investors probably think it’s a good time to release VR stuff when little else is battling for your budget and time, but don’t you underestimate the villainous sun! That thing has it out for everyone. People outside get skin cancer, people inside playing VR suffer dehydration.


Anyway, what is everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: Reviewing something I’m not 100% sure I can freely talk about yet, but the whole VR talk should make it fairly obvious.

Scroo: Probably just sticking with more Vermintide as per the norm. Maybe I'll get a decent video uploaded for Styx at some point as well.

AJ: Injustice 2

Greywolfe: quest for glory 3!  i'm going to go out into the wilderness and raise all my stats!  whooooo!  [the whoo part is sarcasm, because raising skills in any quest for glory game involves holding down a key and waiting until the number counter hits the maximum number.] - apart from that, remember how i was so close to the ending of super mario 3d world?  well, my save got eaten and now i have to do it again.  gaaaaahhhh!!!!!  apart from that?  more a mind forever voyaging, when i can bring myself to deal with that ridiculous map and more...something else.  i replayed abzu and now i'm not sure what to put in it's spot.

Cody: It's Dota Time Mother Fuckers!! International is coming up Prize pool is already over $10 mill and I of course donated to,it as well :P so now I want to play the game hella bad. As far as Table top gaming goes I'm still balls deep in Dicemasters 😃