Twinstiq Gameclub plays Reigns

Welcome, your majesty to your tragic kingdom.

Yes, that’s right, after an incredibly long hiatus, game club is back and we’re going to start up again with a fairly simple, quite laid back game about choices.  How can choices be laid back, you ask?  Well, all of these choices are pretty binary.  You pick one or the other, but be careful!  Things you choose might annoy the Church or help the people – and then they might annoy the Church or help the people so much that these two institutions stage a revolt, ending in your untimely death.

A Reigns logo featuring the four important symbols of the game that signify the Church, the army, the people and the economy.
Your rule is simplified to dealing with the Church, the army, the people and the economy. Just don't let either slip.

Reigns is simple in that you’re essentially playing Tinder:  The Game, but the way it simplifies creates ambiguity in players for what it’s not bringing up.  Do you get a doctor to prevent a plague?  Or are the people baying for blood and shouldn’t you knock the population of the kingdom down a peg or two by way of said plague?

This is the sort of question Reigns asks on a fairly frequent basis and your only means for answering those questions is to pick yes or no.

If any of this intrigues you, please do feel free to pick up the game on GoG or Steam.  We will be reconvening on the 4th of June, 2017 to discuss Reigns and to pick a new gameclub game.

Until then, may your kingdom flourish.

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