Social Distance WRUP #2

Hey everyone. Hope you're all staying safe out there.


Here in CA we're on a sort of a shelter in place order. Which is fine. I'd rather be told to stay home more often than take unnecessary risks. Of course it's not a law, per se. We can still go about daily lives but with a bit more caution. This does mean though, that restaurants and bars are closed along with gyms and other group based gathering places. Stores are still open and that's great. People still need to take some care and cool it with the panic buying, though. Grocery stores are still getting stock. And the shortages are made by those who think they must have 300 rolls of toilet paper or the world will burn. For instance, there was recently a person from southern CA that came all the way up here to my little old west town and purchased all the TP our single local grocery store had just because they couldn't find any where they lived. That shit has to stop.

In other news: Marvel is announcing two new social justice superheroes. The pair is actually a set of twins named, and I can't believe this is fully real, Snowflake and Safespace. I think even Captain Planet is cringing at this one. The twins will be a part or a new reboot of an old comic team called The New Warriors. It also includes a very Santa-esque sounding figure who is described as overweight and has the power to pull objects from a magic backpack. I don't know about this, you guys.

Okay so GameStop is telling stores to stay open and more or less ignoring the rules for non-essential businesses to close because, reasons, I guess. They're also, at least according to article I've read and don't have examples of offhand, not supplying stores with things like sanitizer and disinfectant or masks etc to help keep employees safe. Not to say this is happening literally everywhere, but once is enough. Do better GameStop.

On the plus side, it looks like the Summit supercomputer has been crunching away at possible ways to stop the spread of Coronavirus and has perhaps located some ways to do it. Check out the link here and see what they say.

Games are good when you're stuck at home

Greywolfe: more evoland 2 on stream. and that's about it. i haven't felt up to the inexorable grind that secret of mana is turning out to be. i'll likely pick it up again soon, but not immediately. also: now that i'm a lot of the way through evoland 2, i've got the internet to pick the next game i'm streaming and it's "star wars: knights of the old republic i." i started playing that a few weeks ago, and it was pretty good for the most part [except one exceptionally stupid turret section.] - so i'm looking forward to that.

AJ: Doom 64 and Mario Kart 8.

Tru: Animal Crossing comes out. Spawn dropped in Mortal Kombat 11 so I'll be playing him... A lot. More Warframe if my friends are on, if not, might go through my back catalog and find something I haven't played yet. I also had the desire to play through another round of Spider-Man on PS4 what would be my 5th playthrough...

Scroo: Doom Eternal. What kind of question is this anyway? It's like asking if I want a beer. Of course I do. It's beer for gods sake. I also I'll be finishing merging a couple fields in Farming Sim 19 because... I don't know why I like that game. But I do and I have fields to merge, okay?

Yoda: eally have the desire to play Pandemic on Table Top simulator lolProlly some warframe, some Doom, some music, some Elite Dangerous. Pretty much anything to add to the isolation. I finally have a phrase to describe my lifestyle, "Social Distancing"I've prepared for this moment my entire life, its time to shine baby!


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