Social Distance WRUP

Hey everyone, It's me Scrooloose and it's another weekend. Hopefully you're all staying unaffected by this Covid-19 stuff.

So for, for me, there are no cases in our county but it's getting closer with the latest being just about 40 miles away. If it did hit here things would likely be pretty bad. Not just because this is a small community where seniors outnumber youth, but also because there are a lot of folks here who are straight up deniers of the seriousness of the whole thing. Hopefully it doesn't make it up here any time soon, though I'd venture a guess that with Yosemite tourist season getting ready to ramp up there could be some higher risk soon.

I'm certainly no doctor but I'll just say this: Make smart decisions. Common sense stuff is your best defense. Wash your hands, stay hydrated, keep your home clean and disinfected, your car door handles, steering wheel, that kind of stuff commonly touched and handled. And stay away large crowds as much as possible for the time being. Obviously if you think you're sick you should call your doctor and get some advice. And for goodness sake stop the panic purchasing of toilet paper and baby wipes and so on. You're only serving to deny people who actually need these things by 'stocking up'. And everyone who's out there loading up on anti-bacterial soap -Stop that. It won't kill viruses and it does help to create bacterial superbugs.

I'll post a link below for some comprehensive information should you find yourself looking for more.

Here's a bunch of good info from Arstechnica

And here's what seems like a cool way that folks, like us gamers, can potentially help out in finding treatment quicker. This comes from

And Speaking of Games

Yoda: Not much gaming this weekend. Gonna be camping in a cold ass Desert and eating Mexican food :P

AJ: Ori and the Blind Forest and Super Mario All-Stars.

Greywolfe: Slowly but surely playing through evoland 2 as a game on stream. it's fun and i'm enjoying it a bunch. i am also slowly winding my way through secret of mana. it is not as fun and thank god i'm not doing it on stream.

Scroo: I'm not entirely sure what's happening this weekend. If it games, then I'll certainly be playing more Farming Sim 19. If it's work then I'll obviously be working. It's all up in the air for now. (raining like crazy so probably not working)

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