Social Distance WRUP #15 Still Distancing

Well guys, good morning here from CA. Hopefully everyone is doing well and staying cool in this heat. I'm lucky enough not to live down a couple thousand feet further so it'll only be around 97 here instead of 107... so there's that.


Looks like local COVID info has put a couple of new cases here in the county. No idea who they are or where the had contracted the virus. Here's hoping they recover as quickly as possible. I've even read that those in charge in the state have been discussing slowing the reopening process because numbers are aren't just going up a little, they're skyrocketing. It stands to reason that folks would get sick after being around each other at work and gatherings and protests etc. I know this is going to sound derisive but, remember guys just because things are opening back up doesn't mean the virus is gone. Stay masked up and do your best to stay apart. Be safe out there, we don't want to end up in another a six months of pure isolation and shutdowns because people aren't being vigilant.

Okay is there any game news?

IGN is doing some Cyberpunk 2077 streaming stuff. Not that the game needs any more hype but if you'd like to watch the first episode, check this out.

Biomutant is continuing to develop. Still not done and I wouldn't recommend playing an unfinished title but YouTuber, Force shows some of what's going on here.

And how about what we're playing?

AJ: Streets of Rage 1 and 4.

Greywolfe: still not really feeling very games-y. so, it'll be a dull weekend just doing magic: arena daily quests and eating and sleeping. and reading life of pi, because i watched the movie.

Scroo: I think I'll mostly be working this weekend. But in the name of games, I do need to finish a SnowRunner video and I plan on playing lots more Deep Rock Galactic.

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