Social Distance WRUP #16 – July 4th

Hey folks, happy weekend. For those here in the states we hope you have a great 4th.

Happy independence day. If you live a place that's still having fireworks shows, please be safe. I'm a broken record but, wear masks and do your best to stay socially distant. I know it sucks but with COVID cases shooting up it's good to remember to just be careful. I was actually going to head to a socially distant party today myself, but sadly it looks like that's not happening for me now. I'm actually pretty bummed about it because I was going to see friends I haven't seen in months.

Let's skip the depressing COVID update stuff and go right to game news.

Horizon: Zero Dawn, is a fantastic open world adventure game and it's coming to PC on August 7th. I'm really excited for this and I will be purchasing a copy. Hopefully the expansions will also make their way to PC and I can finally play the Frozen Wilds. The game is called 'The Complete Edition' but I'm not sure if that means the expansions are part of that "complete" or not. I wasn't ever able to play the Frozen Wilds on my PS4 due to a truly stupid region lock that prevented my apparently non-US, physical version of the game from being compatible with the DLC when purchased from the digital store. Why should an exclusive title have a region lock anyway? Never made sense to me. I did at least get a refund, but here I am on a tangent. If you're curious about this issue I did write about my experience a couple years back. Also, here's an article from WCCF Tech that has the system requirements you'll need to be able to run the game as well as other info you may be interested in seeing.

The Steam Summer Sale has been going on for a good while now and we still have a good 5 days left. I've seen some good deals and earned a few points for some silly animated profile stuff. Keep an eye out if you've got some stuff on your wishlist that you've been holding off on.

I thought I had some other news selected to site here but I'm not finding it in my notes now so... Guess it's time to move to what's we're playing this weekend.

Uh, what are we playing this weekend?

AJ: BioShock Infinite and Forza Horizon.

Greywolfe: i finished transistor. so i actually did some gaming. i guess that means i can dip my toes into that again. sooooo. i guess i'll try stuff i was half way through. that means picking up children of the zodiarcs again. maybe.

Scroo: Well I don't know WTF is going on this weekend. I might be building a fence, I might be going to a social distance 4th party. I might be doing nothing... I just don't know. If I'm home though I'll hop into SnowRunner more and I'll be playing Deep Rock Galactic.


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