Red WRUP Redemtion

Yeah, I used Cody's feature image from last week. What of it?

There's a lot of Red Dead going on at the ol' Twinstiq farm, and that's great I guess. Yoda even bought an XBox. I've only really seen what's been shown to me by our team but it does look pretty cool. The game systems seem to be complex and provide quite a lot to do and build characters from. Lots of intricate details and that's cool beans. I also think "cool beans" is what you call the horse ball shrinkage that takes place in cold weather.

I, on the other hand, been playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and and am quite enjoying it so far actually. The only complaints I would have is that there seem to be constant interruptions to game play. Just as I get moving and immersed in the jungle there's a cut scene and I'm not playing for the next couple of minutes again. Good cut scenes mostly, but I'd like to actually play the game. That and I really wish more titles had a sharpness filter that went along with the TAA setting. Especially if you don't have any other options.

So let me guess -You guys are all playing Red Dead?

Greywolfe: it's "mop up 'cheevos" weekend, here. i'm finishing off letter quest - all i really have to do is sit in endless and kill guys, which isn't too bad. it was a blast and i'm glad i played it. going to have to figure out what to put in it's stead. book of unwritten tales is donedone. but apart from that, i'm finishing up some older stuff from a couple of years back like dream daddy, which i can now actually 100% [!] and a blind legend. a blind legend's save system still sucks complete horse manure. so, going into monday with completely new games, i think. maybe ghost of a tale for book of unwritten tales and rime for letter quest.

Yoda: Red and Dead and 2

AJ: Seconded! (For Red Dead.) 

Tru: Red Dead Redemption 2… So much of it…

Scroo: I've been playing more MudRunner since Amercan Wilds came out and I'm loving the new challenges in 'Murica. I also started Shadow of the Tomb Raider and so far I'm liking that quite a bit. And I think is the last weekend for the Vermintide 2 seasonal event so I'm hoping to get a little more play time in that.