Law Suit WRUP

Alright so if you're into games and game critics you'll know that a certain Mr. Jim Sterling has been getting hit left and right with law suits that have basically no base. Most recently is a Trademark attack based on a video he made of a title from a Greenlight developer and is just as silly as the last one he was hit with. The man doesn't need to pay more legal fees for fair use content for crying out loud. Check out what everyone's favorite copyright lawyer has to say about that.

Then there's John Carmack. He's apparently suing Zenimax for some twenty two million dollars for allegedly failing to fully pay him for his time there. Crazy times guys, crazy times.

Anyway, what's everyone up to this weekend?

Andrew: More Breath of the Wild. I'm loving it on the Wii U. Still haven't experienced any noticeable performance issues.

Greywolfe: i'm VERY nearly at a point where i can start doing the story mode of shadow of mordor. just a tiny bit more grinding to go. [250 more "red" xp, aka, fight captains and so on. you'll probably know what i'm talking about if you've played the game.] - other than that? lots of pip adventuring. i'm supposed to also be playing "a mind forever voyaging," but for that game, i have to make a map. and i don't really feel like mapping it :P - so i'm being a little lazy on that front.

Scroo: Well I finished the Darksiders: Warmastered Edition and am currnetly writing about it so probably just more Vermintide for me. I'll have to see if anything else strikes me I suppose.

Dr. S.: Snipperclips with the girlfriend, Zelda mit me, maybe some I am Setsuna and Fast RMX. Yay for the Switch. Finally weekend gaming is a thing again

Yoda: Definitely going to be playing more Horizon Zero Dawn. Maybe I'll buy Wildlands, but I may wait to see if Andromeda is worth getting