WRUP: One Thousand And One Posts Edition

Who's your designated WRUP driver this weekend?  It's me.

So don't get too drunk [on games] or I might have to throw you out of the car.  :P

A couple of things before I write the WRUP.

I'd like to thank all of you for showing up and reading our stuff across the last 1,000 posts.  Yeah, we're mainly about WRUP and Gameclub at the moment, but we appreciate that you come here just to unwind.

Secondly:  Good God, Shadow of Mordor is grindy.  Anyhow, that's it from me, what's the rest of the team playing?

trulegendkiller:  Final Fantasy XV

scrooloose:  More Vermintide, and I've been working hard on Darksiders: Warmastered Edition

yoda#NotZelda #NotAnythingOnTheSwitchForAtLeastOneYear Prolly Horizon Zero Dawn though while I wait for Wildlands to come out. God what has this world come too? I guess... That's just the world we live in now, Cody actually wants a Ubisoft game. Welcome to Trumps America I guess... Scary Times.

greywolfe (youtube, twitter):  more shadow of more doors!  slowly unlocking the plan in "a mind forever voyaging" and having some adventures with pip.

andrew:  Breath of the Wild! (On Wii U, of course. I'll need Nintendo to give me an actual reason to buy a Switch before I jump on that crazy train!)

And you, gentle reader?  What are you playing this weekend?  Did you get a Switch?  Are you in Horizon:  Zero Dawn?  Did you buy the new Cars game? ;)