It’s July – It’s Hot – I’m Irritable – It’s WRUP

Hey everyone, me again, Scrooloose with another weekend WRUPing. It's 7:30am and it's already nearing 80 degrees and I have to drive into the central valley today to get materials for building a fence. Yay.

Hopefully everyone is staying safe and sane in this still very stupid time of social distancing and isolation and very stupid people ignoring social distancing and isolation because they think viruses work based on a personal responsibility scale. "My immune system is strong AF, I'm not worried about getting sick", well guess what? It's not about -you- getting sick. What matters is that you transmit the virus to everyone you're around, you effing idiots. I'm god damn sick of it like everyone else, believe me. But FFS wear a mask in public and stop throwing beach parties that get potentially hundreds if not more people sick. It's prolonging the whole situation. Stop. That is all.

Sorry, it's been a relatively hot, mildly frustrating week and I'm feeling irritable. Thank you to the people that have taken this whole thing seriously and have done your part to reduce spread and transmission.

WTF are we playing this weekend?

Greywolfe: forza horizon 4.  i am playing the, "let's demo games on xbox game pass for pc" game.  so far, most of the games i've tried are pretty meh.  no man's sky has bugs.  and final fantasy xv is about what i expected [but it also has a dumb control scheme], sea of thieves [sorry, yoda] had AWFUL first person nonsense and no guidance.  annnnd then i also played whole slew of smaller games:  dead cells has GREAT movement, but it's a roguelight.  ditto for children of morta.  [those two are kind of winners, i guess?] - crosscode seems pretty good, too [if only it didn't have dumb action combat.  :(] - but yes.  a whole lot of those games.  [but particularly forza horizon 4, which is turning out to be a cure for the crew, which had a GREAT map, but miserable everything else.] 

AJ: Far Cry 3 and Forza Horizon 2.

Tru: Warframe... It's TennoCon this weekend.

Yoda: Warframe. Dota. CSGO. Warframe. Dota. CSGO. Malazan. Lol. @trulegendkiller it got pushed back to August 1st. Baro relay is tomorrow

Scrooloose: Deep Rock Galactic. Next week is a new DLC release for SnowRunner though so I'm excited for that. Otherwise I'll be building a fence, which is good cos it'll make some money.

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