No idea what’s going on in gaming right now, but let me tell you something about Microsoft: FUCK THOSE STUPID CUNTS! The Anniversary Update for Windows 10 is the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever encountered and I started my personal computer career on an Amiga 500. I’ve experienced the original release of Windows 98. I switched to Vista shortly after release and I happily adopted Windows 8. Every single OS was better than this broken mess. You aren’t on the Anniversary Update and you wonder why? Because Microsoft knows it’s a mess and so they don’t actually auto-update you. I only had to install it, because Gears of War 4 (and some other Win10 Store games) required it. Why? No idea. The first 2 times, my PC crashed every couple of minutes. They fixed that, but now it tends to become unresponsive and completely eats up your resources whenever it feels like it, no matter what you currently do. “You need your PC for work? Nah, go take a break while some Cortana shit you A: disabled and B: Isn’t even fucking available in your region anyway, starts eating up 60% of your CPU cycles.”

FUUUUUUUCK YOU MICROSOFT! You know what you get when you fire your QA department? People getting so fed up with your shit that they might actually switch to Linux or Mac. I actually looked at the new MacBook Pro the other day. It’s overpriced and underpowered trash, but at this stage, I might just as well go for it.



Anyway, what is everyone playing over the weekend?

Thomas: Gears of War 4 if Microsoft lets me… I was really calm and happy about finally being able to kick back and play some games. Thanks.

Grey: i'm up in the onyx tower in baldur's gate:  dark alliance.  so close to the end.  IT'S DUMB THAT THERE'S NO VENDOR HERE.  ethan carter for game club.  people tell me it has one scary part.  not looking forward to that AT ALL.  since i'm wrapping up baldur's gate, i think i'm going to try titan quest again.  haven't played it in almost ten years, so it seems like it's time.  also:  HALF WAY MARK in the longest journey.  whoo!  that game's still a blast, even though there's some absurd puzzles in it.

Scroo: Vanishing of Ethan Carter for Game Club mostly. I did another re-play of a slightly older title that I'm hoping to have a review posted for soon. I'm sure I'll find something else to jump in to as well

Andrew: Possibly Rock Band 4. We shall see. Probably some Halo (number not decided yet).

Tru: Vanishing of Ethan Carter for Game Club. But I just got an Xbox One so I've been playing the remaster of the first Gears of War game.

Cody: Gonna replay Vanishing of Ethan Carter and possibly some Rock band 3 and Rocksmith :P