Monstrous Gog Sale Now On! Buy Games, Get Some Free

So, it’s that time again when there’s a GOG sale.  These typically run the gamut from frantic to quite relaxed.  This particular sale will [probably] be with us for seven days.  So, what can you expect?

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First of all, this sale works a lot like the summer sale worked.  It has XP and bonus games you can “achieve” along the way.  There are a couple of wrinkles, but first, let’s talk about the experience points you can get “for free” with a little work on your part.

[Solo] Free Experience Points

Points Awarded Activity "Achievement"
500 points Add ten games to your wishlist [Window Shopping]
500 points Visit the GOG Galaxy page [Reach for the Stars]
500 points Share the sale on Facebook/Twitter [Share-Bear]
500 points Visit the GOG wallet page [It’s in my other pants]
1,000 points Make/own a GOG account [The Regular]
700 points Check in 7 times [On a First Name Basis]*

For all of these, you have to be logged in.  If you’re not logged in, you cannot achieve your points.  There is also a bit of a “cheat” for Share-Bear.  So long as you click “share” from your Progress Page, you won’t have to log in to Facebook/Twitter at all.

As for “On A First Name Basis,” you will do this across the course of the sale and – assuming you check in all seven times, you will get the 700 free points.

[Group] Free Experience Points

Throughout the sale, GOG will host activities on Twitch.  You don’t need to actually participate in these to get the free points from them, but your input [did you see what I did there] might help.  The idea in all of these side activities is that you and others play a designated game through Twitch using chat commands [think Twitch Plays Pokemon, but with different games.]

There are [as far as I’m aware] two activities, which will net you 300 Points per goal.

So, that makes for 4,300 points in total without buying a single game.

You can earn more points by buying games from GOG. [the whole catalogue should award Points regardless of if they’re on sale or not.]  Each game that you buy will fill up your Points meter a little.  For each ten American cents you spend, you will accrue 100 points.  [For example, Divine Divinity currently costs $0.89 on the GOG front page.  This translates to 900 Experience Points.]

So with just the tasks and daily check in page, if you buy nothing but Divine Divinity on the sale, you can net yourself one free game at 5,000 points.  Note that if you put funds into your GOG wallet and then use those funds to buy the games you’re interested in, you will get a bonus 10% extra experience points as you purchase titles that way.

“Free” Games

Dex And Drums And Microphones

As you work through the experience system, you will gather enough points to be awarded three “free” games [of course, to get those, you have to spend money, making them only marginally free.]  Here follows a list of those games:

Experience Needed Game Name
5,000 Expeditions Conquistador
15,000 Dex
30,000 Victor Vran

At the moment [and for a limited time – twenty four more hours, more-or-less as of the writing of this article] you can also snag an entirely free copy of Little Big Adventure 2.

And that’s all you need to know.  Feel free to let us know in the comments if there’s anything you’re thinking of buying in the sale.

Source:  GOG News Page Announcing The Sale

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