Konami Reinstating Kojima into Metal Gear Branding

Konami can't seem to make up their minds, or maybe Kojima can't? A few weeks ago we all heard that Kojima and his team Kojima Productions have been switched to working as "Contractors" rather than employees of Konami, presumably to prepare for their departure after the release of MGS: The Phantom Pain. Shortly after this, Konami began removing his name from various products and brand names. But are they trying to bring his name back to these advertisements? 

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David Scammell managed to grab this image on the right from Google Cache and claims it is from March 30th.

The one beneath it shows the newest Brand Image for The Legacy collection and how they have included the Kojima Production text again. 

So does that mean that Kojima is maybe having second thoughts about leaving his beloved franchise in the hands of Konami? Or is is it that Konami believes that Kojima's name holds so much to gain from just including it on their brand images? Maybe it's just Kojima making sure he's credited for his work. Was it just Kojimas special style of PR all along? Whatever the case, keep an eye out for some more details or from either Kojima or Konami in the near future.