Prepare for some Nintendo Direct news

Missed the Nintendo Direct yesterday? Don’t worry, so did I. Thanks to the internet though, you can still watch it! Isn’t the world we live in amazing? Don't want to watch it? Fine, I'll write some news too.

But what exactly did we miss? Not much. You know Nintendo, they have no games. It was basically Mario, Pokemon and some Yoshi.
Oh, and Animal Crossing. And Fire Emblem (incl. the Shin Megami Tensei cross-over). And Attack on Titan. And Xenoblade Chronicles. And Puzzle & Dragons Z. And Box Boy. And a load of indies. And Splatoon. Did I mention Fatal Frame yet? No? Well, and Fatal Frame. And new Amiibo stuff. And N64/DS games on the WiiU. And I’m sure I missed something.