Tag: Stupid Brits


Ah-ah-ah-aha! Sorry, I can’t stop laughing about the Brits. Especially David Cameron, who really fucked himself for a change (yes, this is a Pig joke). And all the self-assured half-knowledge and stupidity that’s still going around, on both sides. I just can’t worry about any possible consequences right now, since it’s too funny a situation and things are too chaotic at the moment for any serious predictions anyway. I mean, they voted “Leave” without having any clue on what to do afterwards! AHAHAHA! They wanted a strong, independent United Kingdom and now it might dissolve itself completely! AHAHAHAHAH! Shit, games, right. Hey, if you live inside fortress Europe, you can import some cheap games from the UK right now, while the Pound is still weak. It’s like a Steam Sale for console games! Speaking of, there is an actual Steam Sale going on as well.

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