Ah-ah-ah-aha! Sorry, I can’t stop laughing about the Brits. Especially David Cameron, who really fucked himself for a change (yes, this is a Pig joke). And all the self-assured half-knowledge and stupidity that’s still going around, on both sides. I just can’t worry about any possible consequences right now, since it’s too funny a situation and things are too chaotic at the moment for any serious predictions anyway. I mean, they voted “Leave” without having any clue on what to do afterwards! AHAHAHA! They wanted a strong, independent United Kingdom and now it might dissolve itself completely! AHAHAHAHAH! Shit, games, right. Hey, if you live inside fortress Europe, you can import some cheap games from the UK right now, while the Pound is still weak. It’s like a Steam Sale for console games! Speaking of, there is an actual Steam Sale going on as well.

So, what’s everyone playing over the weekend?

George: I've been playing a few things. I just started up the reboot to Ratchet & Clank, been loving it. Also been playing Deadpool for PS3, as I never got around to playing it. Man... What a let down, funny, but that is all it has going for it. Also got myself a copy of WET for PS3 that I will play through again... Man I love that game. I also got my hands on the amazing Ghostbusters game that came out some years ago, such a great game and it will be great to get the taste of the crap that is about to come out, out of my mouth.
Of course I'm still playing The Division & The World Ends With You

Scroo: Well I haven't played anything all week, and I won't get the chance to play anything this weekend. We're having a family reunion and I'm in charge of meat and BBQing. So I've been getting things together, the BBQ trailer cleaned out and loaded with wood, ice chests cleaned, meat marinating, beans baked, tents aired out, and so much more. It's a busy week through this weekend.

Grey: king's quest 6 is winding down!  oh no!  so is simon the sorcerer.  i have a definite plan for what to do after simon, and the big list tells me i /should/ play quest for glory 3 after king's quest, but...i dunno man.  a quest for glory seems like a lot of work after all the card games i've been trying.  speaking of:  i'm midway through sort of experimenting with chronicle:  runescape legends and...it's pretty much like i've always felt it was in the beta.  there's less downtime now - they seem to have sped up the matches, but it still feels...a little sterile in how you do things.  so that's it for me:  king's quest, simon and chronicle.

Yoda: Not gonna be around much this weekend. So maybe a round or two of Overwatch late Sunday night lol

Thomas: Watching the world burn. And work. And maybe some Fallout or Witcher between those 2 things.

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  1. Tim Chesson says:

    So far it’s been nothing but Dark Souls this weekend, but after the raping I have received today by the twin Anor Londo bosses, I’m done with that. At least for Saturday. I seriously just put the controller down, went to the fridge and had a couple of shots.

    I’m not sure what else I might play. I bought Layers of Fear in the Steam sale, so I might give that a try. Anything that isn’t out to sodomize me seems like a good idea right now.

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