The new Twinstiq site (alpha) is live

It is done! Sorta. Kinda.
The new site is here and it's somewhat beautiful. It's also broken as hell at this stage, with much work ahead of me, little new features for the reader, and the feeling that all will break down if you look at it from the wrong angle, but hey, baby steps. Our new content management system has way more potential than our previous one and I'm quite proud for actually getting this far without any previous knowledge on how to do any of this.

The reason it launches in this state? 50 Shades Of Unprofessionalism! And our previous CMS would like money again.

Next step: I'll try to fix as many issues as possible until Gamescom, teach our writers how to actually use our new CMS (yeah, potential disaster in the making), someone else will hopefully find the time to fix at least the most recent posts (pictures/videos are missing, some other stuff too) and you guys leave comments about how much you love us, that you are super proud and that you like the new design.
After Gamescom I'll look into the option to select a different color scheme (some people maybe don't like the dark as much) and you will get a bit of video content from Germany.

That's it from me for today. My brain is pretty much exploding at this point and I need to get drunk fast.