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Hi, I’m Greywolfe

Who Am I, Where Am I And Why Do I Feel This Way? First of all, let me start by answering those three questions. I am Greywolfe. I write opinion pieces and reviews - mostly about old games. Where am I? Well, you can find me here, quite obviously, but I also run a Let's…
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Want to write for Twinstiq?

You’ve probably already noticed that things reeeeally slowed down. Well, we lost some writers and those left are busy playing games or being at conventions. Twinstiq will of course continue, but it would be really swell if we could find some more people who want to write for us or produce videos. Don’t worry, there…
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Twinstiq Now Has A Shop

Oh, btw: Spreadshirt is currently having a 15% off promotion, so it's a perfect time to launch our shop. Until April 14th you will be able to use coupon code: 15OFF and save some money. I decided on not taking any commission for the first 2 days (meaning: all the money goes to Spreadshirt, none…
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