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Dr.Strangethumb Went To GamesCom And All We Got Was This Video

Our fearless leader Dr. Strangethumb found his way to Cologne, where he sent us this video. We haven't heard from him since, so if you find him and can get the other footage of the other stuff he managed to snag off of other people, do feel free to post it to us here at Twinstiq. We'll certainly round up all that information and post it for you. And now, for some video!
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A look at “Satoru Iwata’s Life Story” by George Weidman

Satoru Iwata died almost a month ago, and while we tried to talk about it on some occasions, I’ve never been quite happy with the way we did. I didn’t grow up with a Nintendo. My first Nintendo home console was actually the Wii. I knew him and his work mostly from those lovely Nintendo Direct conferences, but those never painted the whole picture, especially his roots and motivations.

Billy C Plays Magic Duels: Origins

We've just added a new video to our Let's Play channel on YouTube, and this time it's me playing Magic Duels: Origins. It's a Magic the Gathering game in every way, think Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers mixed with Hearthstone for its free to play model. This video is just some PVE Story…
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Billy C Plays: Fallout!

That's right, in honor of the Fallout 4 announcement and hype I've decided to go back and play through the original Fallout. It's been a long time since I played the game, but if you'd like to watch me make a fool of myself and die repeatedly, then continue past the break and watch the…
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