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New PlayStation Store Releases: Dark Souls II Deluxe Now Dealing Death On PS4

PlayStation 4 devotees determined to double down on a decidedly distinct brand of From Software discipline can delight in the digital delivery of the newly re-distributed definitive edition of Dark Souls "deux" (dropping this very day). Besides the bleak older brother of Bloodborne, bearers of the PS4 can also benefit by re-buying the just-a-bit brighter…
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Bloodborne Bug Binds Bosses

For whatever reason, it appears that bosses in Bloodborne exhibit heavily restricted move sets, almost handicapping them completely in some cases. Read on for exploit details. If you leave Bloodborne running for around 12 hours or more, even in rest mode, an alleged memory leak will trigger heavily restricted bosses. Redditor Meatballz noticed the bug…
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April Xbox One Update Now Live

The April Xbox One update is here, and it brings several improvements to party chat, achievement notifications, activity feeds, and the What's On area. If you were expecting voice messages and dedicated party chat servers, you'll have to wait a bit longer. However, Xbox One firmware beta testers will have access to these features. Source:…
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