WRUP To All Your Mothers, Twinstiq is Back!

Did you miss us? Well, who could blame you? 

But don't worry we're still alive and hobbling. Some new content is up on the site and some more is coming. I'm looking forward to writing about Monster Hunter World once I play some more and learn how it really works. Yoda has something coming up soon if I'm not mistaken and I don't know about anyone else!

I do have a question though -What's everyone playing?

Andrew: WRUP is back bitches! Just picked up Dead Cells and I’m already starting to see what all the fuss is about.

Greywolfe: ocarina of time. plus some games that i've been neglecting for MONTHS at a time: space quest 5 is finally finished, and i'm working on book of unwritten tales again. started in on yono, too. yono's sweet and puzzl-y and i've already gotten stuck once because i'm dumb. other than that? just slogging away at magic: arena [it's still as awful as ever, economy wise.]

Yoda: I can't decide between more DOTA or Elite!! Also Rocket League has my attention once again

Scroo: Well… I'm happy we're back! Gonna be playing some No Man's Sky since Next seems to have made the game enjoyable again. Monster Hunter World has been a blast and despite the stability and optimisation concerns it's running pretty well. The character controller is awful though, so that will take some getting used to.


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