WRUP: Post-Gamescom

Gamescom is over. I’m personally still catching up on everything that happened while I was in Cologne, but looks like I didn’t miss that much. We’ll also have some of our own Gamescom content coming, some video, some written previews, but no direct ETA yet. One of the first things will be a Mount & Blade 2 special, including a quick overview of its history.

But what’s everybody playing in the meantime?

  • Andrew (Twitter): My son won't stop playing Sonic Adventure (aka the first of the numerous horrible Sonic games that followed). I'm hoping he'll hurry up and come to his senses so we can switch back to Sonic CD. This nightmare can't end soon enough
  • Dante: I'll be moving so no time to play for me this weekend :’(
  • Thomas (Twitter): Took a day off today to play some Civ 5. Needed some relaxation after all that’s been going on recently. Rest of the weekend will probably be spent with playing MS Word and whatever video editor I finally get to work.
  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): kyrandia 1 is all wrapped up, and i haven't figured out what to put into it's place yet.  since this week's tavern brawl was just a repeat of last week's tavern brawl, i've gone ahead and started something new:  coktel vision's massive acid trip "inca."  which is a pretty bizarre game.  larry 5 is also slowly winding down.
  • Tisnight (Twitch): Spending my Sunday on my ps4 with yugioh and rocket league hit me up if you are interested in playing with me, will be streaming on twitch@alonelyhawk
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): "Cat Wrangler 2015" and maybe check out the Dota2 Reborn Beta.