WRUP of the Dead

What a week. We finally have a name and first impression of the NX, Red Dead Redemption 2 got announced, and a couple of hours ago my doctor told me that there is something seriously wrong with my health. Soooo, yeah. Video Games, am I right? Sorry, not really in the state of mind to talk about the Nintendo or Red Dead thing. Anyway, enjoy your weekend and tell us what you are playing.


Greywolfe: what was that?  it was the sound of me not playing the longest journey.  but i have picked up and been playing more magic:  the gathering:  duels kaladesh.  [yes, i know, that's not really it's actual name.]

Cody: Gonna see if I can scare myself with any horror games this weekend

Scroo: Well I finished Alan Wake for Game Club so I've been playing Bulletstorm from 2011. So much fun. I've really been wanting a fast paced shooter of late and thinking after Bulletstorm I'll reinstall Rage and run it through again. Plus whatever else we vote in for this next Game Club round.

Tru: Game Club is still on Alan Wake. Besides that I'm still playing Mafia II. On top of that I got a copy of Brutäl Legend and have been playing the everloving Metal out of that.

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  1. Tim Chesson says:

    About all I did this weekend was play Destiny, but I did get a match of Titanfall going with a couple of friends on the X1. That was really fun and helped me hold off buying Battlefront 1 for a little longer.

    Besides all that tomfoolery, I packed up the kids and went to a cookout at a friend’s house. Look at me, socializing, like a respectible adult.

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