WRUP: Isolation.

I'm not playing Alien:  Isolation because a bunch of other Twinstiq folks are and I'm not very into horror games at all, I'm afraid.  Plus.  Halloween has come and gone.

So, let's talk about games OTHER than Alien:  Isolation that the Twinstiq crew are playing:

trulegendkiller:  Alien: Isolation for Game Club. But lots of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Gears of War 3, Gears of War 4, and maybe some Marvel Heroes Online.

yodav0gs:  Hopefully I'll be able to,finally grab a quiet night this sunday and scare my self to death in Alien Isolation. Aside from that ice still been digging the shit outa Battlerite, I may do a write up or video in the future

greywolfe (twitter, youtube):  not alien:  isolation.  scary games and i are not friends, but i am about half way through saints row 3, which is suitably ridiculous [but a murder simulator], and i'm winding down the longest journey [now complete!].  not sure what to play in tlj's place, but we'll see when we get there.

andrew:  Excitebike 64. Seems like I'm on an N64 kick at the moment.  [editor's note:  andrew has good taste in consoles :)]

And now I turn it over to you.  Are you playing Alien:  Isolation with us?  [remember to get to mission 6 if you are.] - If you're not, do you have a scary game you do like that you have played?  Let us know in the comments!