WRUP Big Money

Did you guys get your free copy of Assassin's Creed Unity from Uplay? Ubi did something nice for once and donated a half million dollars to hep rebuild Notre Dame after the very recent fire. They also gave out a free of copy AC Unity since it features the nearly thousand year old cathedral. The money that's been donated to to rebuild Notre Dame is pretty staggering. Over a billion dollars so far. Pretty crazy how people have come together for this old building. The human history and art that was lost can't ever be replaced. Hell the ceiling itself is a feat that's going to take a lot of engineering to rebuild, and that's if it's even put back the way it was before. To say it's going to be quite a repair project is an understatement. Goes to show that humanity can come together when there's a focus. Now if all these people could just donate a billion dollars to curing various cancers and other, wider sweeping, current tragedies... that would be something else.

And speaking of free games - Transistor, is free on Epic games. Get you some of that.

So whats on the agenda for gaming this weekend?

Greywolfe: so. rogue legacy update: i spent a week grinding out the runes. got them all done. i'm kind of contemplating doing the same thing with the weapons, so i don't go up to new game+ and have a more difficult grind when i get there. but...if i don't do that, i'll absolutely be taking on the bosses. [i know i said that last week, but i'm slowly but surely cleaning out all the stuff i can buy, too. and some part of me wants to just get that done, also.] - more importantly, though: i'm slowly winding my way through beneath a steel sky and doing some etherlords 2 battling. i made a hilarious discovery this week while playing that. i thought i was in the endgame for that and was going to plow through what i was playing and then uninstall, but nope. there's still TWO CAMPAIGNS i haven't touched yet. i'm into hour 30 of that game, now and each campaign takes about ten hours. [i go slowly.] - so...it's a good, old game in that sense. lots of playtime.

Yoda: Fell hard in love with an old board game called Mage Knight.

Pretty much have only wanted to do nothing but play it since.

But God I need to get some work done too lolLate night Titanfall and CS Go as usual. Though summer is coming, and summer always makes me wanna play Dota....

AJ: Skyrim and Breath of the Wild (and some real drum Rock Band if I get a chance).

Scroo: I dunno, Division 2 I guess. Still entertaining with me it's mix of tedium of good game play. Transistor if free on Epic, so Probably that too.



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