Server WRUP

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Anyway, WRUP TIME!

Thomas: BF1 is now in the EA/Origin Access Vault, so I'll finally be able to play the story campaign. No idea if I have time for much else, but maybe Overcooked with the lady.

Grey: things are winding down:  etherlords 2's first campaign is complete.  i'm mopping up stuff in child of light before going to the end boss and amfv is finally [!] winding down to a close.  i'm also at the last third of quest for glory 3.  so this and next week will probably be the last time i talk about any of those games.  i have to start thinking of stuff to replace those games with and i'm seriously tempted by stories:  path of destinies.  it does have an unfortunate name and the combat looks pretty boring, but i'm interested by the stories it might tell.  that and a thing i've been eyeing for a while:  about a year or so ago, now, i played the first legend of kyrandia.  i only very dimly remember the sequel, so i want to give that a whirl.

Cody: DOTA!!!!

Scroo: More Vermintide of course. Slime Rancher has been such a surprisingly good game and I'll certainly be playing more of that. Plus I'm not done with The Surge yet, still a little ways to go in my new game plus run. On top of all that I look forward to some Rocket League with friends.

AJ: Still getting back into GOG. Redownloading and playing bits and pieces of some neglected classics and "venting" off some excess Steam.

Grey: that pun, though :P

AJ: Lol. Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

Everyone else: NERDS!