Ramble WRUP 2019 V-0.01 Alpha

Epic Game Store has a new refund policy that matches Steam's policy. That's fine I guess but Steam's policy is that if you've played for less than two hours you can get refunded. I feel like I hardly ever play a game for less than two hours and know if it's something I like or not. There have been a few: Dead Island is one of those games. So were The Evil WIthin and Assassain's Creed Brotherhood...Ugh even thinking about them now... I never did get any of them refunded, though I really should have because they are truly bad and boring experiences. Some my disagree I guess, and that's okay. Annnywhooooo, coming back from this tangent, Epic also has What Remains of Edith Finch for free until January 24th. Do yourself a favor and grab that if you like a good narrative. It's kind of in the same vein as The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Just a simple walking simulator that you can likely finish up in a single session.

In other news, The Division 2 will no longer be launching on Steam. Instead heading straight for Epic Game Store and Uplay only. Ubisoft have said that any pre-orders from other platforms will be unaffected and still honored. Hopefully that goes smoothly. I have a free copy that was bundled with my new GPU. I of course didn't receive a key for it because it's not released, but it makes me wonder a little how said key will be redeemed once I get the notification for it. Every time I've got a game bundle before it's been a set of Steam codes. If I had to guess I'd say it'll be a Uplay code, just to skip the middle man. Anyway, enough of my ramblings...

What's The Haps Cats?

AJ: Just picked up the easily recommendable (Sega Ages) Out Run port on the Switch. This one is particularly good because M2 somehow reworked the original standard screen format to HD proportions without any stretching or borders whatsoever. They also threw in a few extra songs (of both the classic, and remix varieties) for good measure. It’s probably the best version of the original Out Run I’ve played outside of a 1980s-era arcade. Also, more Smash Bros Ultimate.

Yoda: Finishing up my own personal best of list for 2018 and thinking of hoping into some Elite for the weekend to just get lost in space :)

Greywolfe: i had no internet for a week. so i puttered around with rogue legacy, which i could play offline. watched a LOT of old movies, though and that was pretty good. hopefully, the internet doesn't do that again :P bonusextra: i might not be here for next week's wrup. going to have to take a fishing related trip. if that's the case, then no /real/ games for me. i'll be unearthing my save of lands of lore 1 and playing that more, because that'll run on a potato [and a potato is all i'll have access to, with no internet capability.] - be safe, everyone!

Scroo: I'll be continuing in Ashen as well as playing through Doom 2016 again. Gotta shoot some demons, you guys know how it is.

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