Planet WRUP

Man it's smokey outside. Let's stay in, listen to some cool tunes and play games shall we?

What's everyone doing this weekend?

Greywolfe: I simultaneously love and hate ghost of a tale. i love it because it's got such an enchanting visual style and has such great ambiance. i hate it, because of the way it plays out as a game. this is old-style gaming in the most frustrating way. it's very "in character" though. you're tasked with finding things in a rat-size keep as a mouse. because you're new to this area, you don't know where anything is or who anyone is. so, the game gives you quests and then just lets you explore. no golden trails. no helpful quest text. just "find this thing" and "good luck to you." it's a great throwback to games-of-yore, but i might be too old for that, now ;) - as for the rest, well, more quest for glory 4, of course and, non-gaming related: some nanowrimo. i'm half way through. hoping i can keep my write-every-day streak going.

Yoda0VGs: It's a good thing I don't gamble in real life, because for the past few days Red Dead has become Poker SIM 2018 So I'll see if I can keep that up in between messing more with my new Ekit

Scroo: I'm gonna be lining out and building a fence for a friend who just bought her first house. Hopefully I'll be gaming in the evenings. Still racing in GRIP. I actually got a car to reach mach 1. I was gonna post a video but it's pretty stupid so I didn't. And I'm still Shadowing along in Tomb Raider, albeit slowly. More time has been spent back in Grim Dawn with my friend Nik cos since we both upgraded computers we've been enjoying the nice smooth frame rate that comes with it

Tru: Well, more Red Dead Redemption 2, of course. But also will be getting in touch with my childhood and be playing some Let's Go: Pikachu.

AJ: In a bit of a Halo mood at the moment. I’m getting close to the end of playing through Reach on legendary difficulty. I thought I’d done it before but apparently not as I don’t have an achievement for it yet. I may finally get around to starting up Halo 5: Guardians after that. Or not. 4 left kind of a bad taste in my mouth so I may just go back and play the remaster of Halo 2 instead. Also, Killer7! …Oh, and Red Dead II, of course.

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