Dusk WRUP Jumble

Well, okay maybe not actually dusk yet here but I've had a long day and I couldn't do the WRUP before it started. So I feel late to the party this weekend I guess. I just had lots of work to do today, which is great cos I need to make money.

Just imagine a smooth segway has taken place and we're talking about shows to watch now.

I've been watching Love Death Robots on Netflix and it's been really awesome. A collection of animated short stories, each with their own message - really, really good. I recommend it. The other show is similar but with a main theme. It's called, The Kirilan Frequency. I won't say much about it but it's another collection of short stories told like a talk radio program in a pretty strange place. Hard to tear away from and weird.

Bordelands 3 is in the works I guess. I think lots of folks just figured that was an April Fools joke. I dunno, hopefully it's cool. I'll probably end up playing it. Division 2 is getting an update soon, which is a title I'm still so torn on. I really love the game play, but not much else about it is that good. Recently it had a big patch that changed a lot of values and optimized the game to make it run better. That's been nice some upgrades and weapon mods feel more useful now and easier to understand. Apparently the Assassin's Creed 3 remaster is pretty great. I probably won't be testing that for myself. But it's nice when something that feels old and outdated can have some new life breathed into it.

So, what's everyone playing this weekend?

Greywolfe: conquests of the longbow is done! more rogue legacy! lots of daily login games, because, you know, i'm a terrible person. stuff i'm starting up: beneath a steel sky [because one of my watchers asked for it, and also because it's getting a sequel - hopefully this year - though that's - so far - tied to apple, and ugh.] but also! i plan on FINALLY finishing off etherlords 2.

AJ: On a Rock Band kick, so Rock Band 3 and 4. Also more Breath Of the Wild. (And maybe some Super Nt.

Scroo: Division 2 is on the list mostly. Probably some Apex here and there. Other than that I'll have to play it by ear.

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