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Guys! Becky doesn't really like Jill any more 'cos she's dating the boy from the hardware store and he's too good for her. But really, Becky has a crush on him and she's just jealous but she'll never admit it.

Yeah, IKR! #Scandal -And Jill wants to take him to homecoming, even though he's from a different school, but Becky's not having it 'cos Troy's from a different school too and Jill can't steal her thunder! Right? I mean, how special is it if they both bring dates from different schools? But that's not really why Becky's mad. You guys, don't tell anyone, k? K. Really, Troy's parents grounded him 'cos he took the car to the movies Tuesday without asking. And that's not fair! I mean, it was just 'cos Derek couldn't go any more and Troy wasn't gonna leave everyone hanging when he's the only other one with a car, right? What a good friend #Blessed #BFFs #Best Life

But anyway, Troy is planning on sneaking out because nothing can keep him from Becky. Awww I know, so cute right? But secretly, Becky is conflicted 'cos she still likes that boy from the hardware store. The one Jill's dating. What's his name? She doesn't even know. It doesn't matter 'cos what chance does she have of seeing him anyway if Troy's there? Ya know?

Also, I finished the campaign for Space Marine for the 4th time now and it's still awesome. You guys should for sure get it when there's a sale. And I've started playing Gears 5 which is surprisingly good. It's the first Gears game I've been interested in playing and I'm happy I bought it. I will say that the gun audio doesn't feel particularly strong. More like airsoft lots of the time rather than the big heavy hitting weapons they appear to be. And I'm not a huge fan of always online game play when playing single player. But other than that, I have no complaints.

What Are You Guys Playing?

Yoda: Warframe's the name of the game and Warframes are what I'll be collecting! That and floofs. There's a cute animal floof I want to get for my doggos. They will enjoy. And maybe some Space Marine as well

Greywolfe: well, here we are again.  i'm trying the next spyro game [spyro 2].  i'm about 25% of the way in [according to the in-game statistics] and so far, it's mostly pretty ok.  the speedways can die in a fire, though.  [they're crazy, timed, flying/fast reflex-required sections.]  as for the rest:  trundling through all the ways off of kyrandia in kyrandia 3, building silly decks because of trick opponents in etherlords 2, grinding up my lockpicking in quest for glory 4 and thinking about whatever game should replace inside [now that it's done for youtube.] - and lest we forget:  titan quest streams tonight and tomorrow night.  i'm in act two.  last week was some amount of hilarious on-screen failure, so i hope i can redeem myself, this week. 

AJ: Gears 5 and Tekken 7.

Scroo: Finished the Gears 5 campaign and I might check out some of the multi-player, like horde mode or something. Proabably some more Space Marine with friends as well. And Conarium is free on Epic so I think I'll also see just how hard it is to keep my sanity while going through a Lovecraftian narrative.

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