M-M-M-Mo-Mo-Mo-Monster Weekly Webcomic Wrapup


I recently had a brief conversation on twitter about my first multiplayer gaming love: Arena shooters.

Especially Unreal Tournament saw a non-trivial amount of life-force sapping through my adolescent pores and while the “cool” kids argued whether the puny AWP Sniper in Counter Strike was OP, I was perfectly content with the inclusion of thermonuclear explosions in UT, courtesy of the Redeemer.

One fateful day however, even I succumbed to the siren song of walking slowly, peeking around corners and shooting people with underwhelming projectile weapons, aka. “The Realistic Modern Military Shooter”. Mind you, I am not talking about the philistine kind that Counter Strike embodies.
Sir! No Sir! My treachery goes even deeper.

I am embarrassed to admit it, but yes, I played America’s Army. Why? Hell if know, but it certainly helped that it was free to play, or as we knew it back then: Freeware.

And this is where the circle closes and this little anecdote finally gets to its point:

Unreal Tournament 4 is out. Actually it’s in pre-alpha, but you can play it and you should and it’s free and 12 year old me will finally crawl out of my subconscious and I will be able to enjoy life again to its fullest and people will find peace and the world will unite and we will no longer destroy gaming by fighting over who is destroying gaming and here are some webcomics!

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