Windows 10 is Only Free for 10 More Days

Still holding out on that reviled Windows 10 "upgrade"? Well you're an adult and far be it for me to tell you what to do, but it's the 19th and Microsoft will only be offering the install for free until July 29th.

Yep, that's right after a year of "upgrades" since it's release, the free Windows 10 installs will stop flowing and the deadline will not be extended. So at a cost of $119 for a fresh copy of the Windows 10 Home Edition after said deadline is up (angry fist waving here), it's probably worth just doing it and getting it over with. Looking for a Pro Edition? be ready for fork over $199. Sales of new computers with Windows 7 will end in October of 2016 and in turn support will stop in four years (that's 2020), then you'll just end up having to get a copy anyway.

I'm sure you've been hounded pretty regularly by the system tray day after day if you've yet to get your copy. It's time to click that button, holdouts. Yes, it blows all kinds of genitals but It'll only take a few hours in total and you won't be spending a bunch of money to have something you don't especially want anyway.

Is there good news here? Perhaps there is, because if you can't "upgrade" you might just get a free PC. If your PC says it's eligible for an upgrade but just won't do it you can take it to a Microsoft store, and if they can't make it happen you'll get a free PC. If your machine says it's not eligible at all, Microsoft will trade it in for you and give you $150 toward your next PC.