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For Honor is Free on Steam Right Now

Right now on the ol' Steam you can pick up the starter edition of Ubisoft's For Honor, 100% free. Best thing about this is that you're actually getting a product for free. This isn't going to suddenly make you pay for a full version down the line. You don't even have to install it if you don't want to. Just click the "install" button and Steam will register For Honor to your account so you can enjoy it whenever you like. Read more

Witcher 2 Free on Xbox for a time

Guys, seriously.... Microsoft has begun the backwards compatibility list for Xbox, I'll link the list at the end. More importantly, as of now they have given access to Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings for free on Xbox One and 360 from January 21st until February 5th. Even better, it's not like one of those deals where: [My best speed talker impression] This offer only applies to people born outside on a Wednesday under a 200 year old oak tree with no more than three witnesses during a thunderstorm and along side a stampede of Zebra running East.

If you're one of those who didn't play Witcher 2, then I would I advise that you resolve that issue and get yourself a copy. It's an excellent title and it will help some things in Witcher 3 make a little more sense. It's FREE, people!

You can see the titles added to the Backward Compatibility List here. And keep an eye out there for more to come.