Upcoming Nintendo Indies

Lots of indie love during the Nintendo Direct.

First off: Adventures of Pip, a puzzle platformer about a shape-shifting pixel. And it even has a skeleton queen. (May)

Octodad gets ported to the WiiU. No word on exclusive features. (Summer)

Mutant Mudds gets Super Challenge(ing), will be cross-buy between Wii U and 3DS (didn’t even knew Nintendo does this) and if you already own the previous version of the game, you get a loyalty discount. (June)

Don’t Starve also gets a port to the Wii U, offering exclusive gamepad features (Map and fast access to your inventory). Not sold? Then how about the fact, that every purchase gets a second copy that can be gifted to a friend? (May)

Other upcoming Wii U indies in one unformatted, uninformative and hard to read list:
forma.8, Dementium: Remastered, Affordable Space Adventures, Starwhal, Never Alone, Ninja Pizza Girl, Antipole DX, Life of Pixel, Badland: GOTY Edition, Slain!, Runbow, Back to Bed, Space Hulk, Race the Sun, Dooors, Dot Arcade, Swords & Soldiers 2, Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails, Toto Temple Deluxe, The Bridge, Shutshimi, Nova-111, Windup Knight 2