There Will Be No New TF2 Halloween Event This Year

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. Not because of all the candy, but because of Team Fortress 2's yearly Halloween events. What started out as a King of The Hill map and a ghastly gibus quickly transformed into blown-out boss fights and carnival games. They really brought new life to TF2 every year, and the costumes were a funny way to add more spice to the game.

Last year's event had bumper cars, rubber ducks and a Rocket League style football match.

Sadly, Valve has announced that this year there wouldn't be a new Halloween event. They're too busy building the next campaign after the wildly successful Gun Mettle. They don't have the Mann power to do that and a new event. This reminds me of last year's cancellation of DotA 2's Diretide. Actually, I haven't heard anything about it coming back this year...

Anyway, to make up for it, all previous Halloween events will be available and a new update called Invasion has been released. The new update includes four community Sci-Fi themed maps. They go from king of the hill to capture the beer and take it to the UFO. They also added a special 'pass' that you can buy in order to get crates containing items "from another planet". The maps are available to all for free as usual, so give them a try if you're in the mood for some extraterrestrial fun.

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  1. Scrooloose
    Scrooloose says:

    I never did play TF2 but I did always think it was cool that Valve did the holiday events. Bummer that they won’t be doing one this year, I’m sure a lot of people look forward to it.

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