The Ground Will Fall Out Beneath Your Feet, The Pillars Of Eternity Will Shatter And The Earth Will…Evo…Land…Twice?

A whole slew of news from the GOG front:

Perhaps the biggest news is that Bethesda Softworks has finally landed on their digital distribution shores, but the new Pillars of Eternity Expansion has also been released on the storefront and - my soft spot game - Evoland, finally got a sequel and it's on GOG now.

So, let's take a closer look at what happened, shall we?

The Morrowind logo. A logo that seems to send shivers up and down various people's spines.
I bet a whole lot of people remember this game.

If there's one big win out of this week, it's that Bethesda have finally re-released Fallout I, Fallout II and Tactics on GOG. Admittedly, these aren't the all-singing, all-dancing versions with all the extras, but at least they're there again and you can buy them.

But! To the delight of many, I expect, Some rather venerable Elder Scrolls Titles have found their way to the shelves of GOG, including Redguard and Morrowind. [A minor nitpick:  the Morrowind price is pretty steep - especially for a game from 2003.]

And if you're not really interested in Role Playing or the wasteland, you might just want to shoot things in the face. GOG has you covered there, too, with Doom, Doom II and Quake finally making an appearance.

But wait! There's more!

If you really, REALLY like Role Playing Games and you've somehow finished Pillars of Eternity, well...there's more of that. The recently released White March expansion has landed on GOG, too.

That and a personal favourite of mine - Evoland, just sprouted a sequel which can be had as well.

It's a good week for - particularly - RPG fans.

A list of all of the additions follows:

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PS: While I'm a little cranky about the state of the Bethesda releases, [they've stripped ALL the extras from Fallout, the price for Morrowind is pretty crazy and they don't really seem interested in putting new titles up for grabs] I do think it's a generally positive development for DRM-free gaming that they're at least a presence on GOG, now.

While I am quite doubtful there will be more in the future, one can only hope.


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