New Steam Store Releases: Gunbird

Gunbird has come to Steam. A bastardized version of it, anyway. The original Gunbird was a 1994 vertically scrolling Arcade shoot 'em up created by Japanese developer Psikyo. This Steam release, unfortunately, is the cut-down Americanized version, retitled as Mobile Light Force (for some bizarre reason). In spite of that, it still manages to be a really good shooter. During the '90s, Psikyo was one of the best shoot 'em up developers around. And this week actually features a double dose from them, as their 1997 side-scrolling Arcade game, Sol Divide, is also newly available.Also, also newly available, a fantasy strategy game from Stardock, a pretty cool looking space strategy indie game, and the first non-management football game I've seen on Steam. Take one great Arcade shoot 'em up, hack it up and repackage it nonsensically, then jump past the break to see more of this week's new releases.

  • Gunbird (Mobile Light Force) (Psikyo, Single-player, $4.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Sol Divide (Psikyo, Single-player, $4.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Sorcerer King (Stardock, Single-player, $39.99) (Steam Achievements)
  • Interstellaria (Chucklefish, Single-player, $9.99) (Steam Achievements)
  • Axis Football 2015 (Axis Games, Single & Multi-player, $19.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Odallus (JoyMasher, Single-player, $14.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Luckslinger (Duckbridge, Single-player, $12.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Card Hunter (Blue Manchu, Single & Multi-player, Free to Play) (Steam Achievements)
  • Executive Assault (Hesketh Studios, Single & Multi-player, $12.99)
[Image: Psikyo]

Andrew J Amideo