Saturday Giveaway, On A Sunday


[Picture: vg24/7]

The world must have gone mad. Maaaaaad!
Sorry, didn’t get to do it yesterday, so today has to do.

Winner of Tesla Effect is:
The steam user going by the name “y u heff to b med”, which is a stupid name, but having a decent one was not part of the selection process (maybe in a future giveaway though).

New giveaway for this week:  Let’s get tweeting!
Anyone who tweets this post using either the Tweet button below, or RTs someone who did, will be entered in this giveaway. You don’t even have to follow our official Twitter account, although we would appreciate it.
Too simple? Fine. For every 10 tweets, we’ll add another game to the prize pool (up to a total of 10 games).
In the end, we will draw one winner per game in the prize pool, e.g. 76 tweets = 8 games = 8 winners each getting 1 game.

First game that makes it into the pool is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, game 2 would be Deus Ex: GOTY and #3: E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy. The rest are still a secret, but should we reach 100 tweets, there will be something special added to the pool ;)
All games will be provided for Steam, the Twinstiq staff is excluded and you will not be able to exchange the prize for something else.

You have time until Saturday 8pm (GMT+1; April 11th, 2015), the winners should be announced on Sunday (April 12th) in a blog post (We will not contact you personally. You have to do that part yourself should you win, but there will be a reminder).
So what are you waiting for?