Steam Sale Aftermath: Hatoful Boyfriend

Every time a Steam Sale comes along people tend to get a little bit crazy. We end up buying games that we're not so sure about because of their ridiculously low prices. I'm guilty of doing this several times every year. The usual fate for those games is to be never installed, but I've decided to break that routine and give those forgotten games a chance. Now the really hard question comes: Where should I start? How about a game about dating pigeons? These are my first impressions:
Hatoful Boyfriend is a game that works like a choose your own adventure book. Things are just a little different here, because instead of an adventurer in a dungeon trying to save the world, you're a teenage girl in a high school attended and run by pigeons and your mission is to have a romantic relationship with one of them.The game is basically an interactive visual novel. You'll read the story and then you'll chose from a set of options the one you think is best for you. For example, at one point, the game asks you if you want to take a job at a cafeteria and you'll have the freedom to decide if you want to work there. Then the story will unfold depending on your choices.

You may be thinking this sounds kind of boring, but the story is weird, funny and with enough surprises to keep you playing. Well, I must admit it took me some time to accept the fact that I was a teenage human girl being courted by pigeons. Could this be how girls feel when boys approach them with romantic intentions?

So far I've played for a couple of hours and I've already gotten 3 different endings out of the 16 possible ones. I think I'm going to keep on playing to find out more about the story and the other endings.

Is the game worth a try?

If you're into comedy and reading I'd say go for it. If you're not you probably won't like it. This game isn't for everybirdie.