Is This a WRUP I See?

Look, nobody ever said we were professionals or that we had deadlines and that we would be on time with everything here. We have a reputation to uphold after all. So a late WRUP or two is to be expected. Get off my back.

In all seriousness though, I have had a hell of a time trying to record a simple video of some game play. I've decided to whine about it here. Some footage I take is great in terms of quality. Everything lines up, the frames are smooth, the sound is fine etc. But some times the audio is so de-syncronized from the video that I have to pre-render footage in a separate program at a constant frame rate because that smooths things out and aligns the audio and video channels. It does other stuff that's more helpful for super old captures as well but that's not my purpose so in this context... who cares?

The problem is that sometimes the video footage I need to pre-render is pretty long and it has to be rendered slowly and as whole file because cutting it down first would pre-render the pre-render and that would set those errors in stone. So I have to take a huge file and toss the whole thing in to fix it and that takes hours since in order to maintain some level of quality it has to happen very slowly. Like 7 or 8 frames per second slow. So as in the particular case I've been struggling with for a couple of days now, the 33 minute video I needed to fix up took me nearly 4 hours to pre-render. This, by the way, doesn't include the two previous files that did not work... awesome!

Then I got to toss it into the actual video software I use to make the video and cut it down by about 10-ish minutes and blah blah editing to then render it again for another 2 hours. Then I get to check it for quality which pretty much just means watch the thing end to end. Then upload the video for another 3 hours. Which I have to admit is wayyyy faster than it used to be even though it's pretty damn slow by common standards almost everywhere but here. So 9 hours later I have a 22 minute video that maybe 7 people will watch. And I love doing it! WTF is wrong with me?

What are you guys playing this weekend?

Yoda: Elex should have been game of the year in 2017, still loving it

AJ: Alas, I won’t be able to play anything this weekend because sometimes with a great family comes great responsibility. That being said, I’ve got Spider-Man waiting for me as soon as the weekend is done and I absolutely cannot wait to do whatever a spider can.

Grewolfe: quest for glory 4! yono! and maybe some book of unwritten tales. yono's winding down and i think i'm going to try rime after that. quest for glory 4 is winding up and i hope it's not as buggy as i remember it being. book of unwritten tales is a great game, but i've lost inspiration and i'm not always sure i like the puzzle solutions to some of the problems that are being posed. ah well. we'll get there.

Tru: Spider-Man, so much Spider-Man on my new limited edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro. Also some more Witcher 3, I've finally embraced that game and love it.

Scroo: Monster Hunter World is still keeping me entertained. New Deviljho monster is out and fun to battle. I actually tried recording some early footage of it to have up on the LP channel but everything that could go wrong with that did and so I said screw that noise. Probably some Vermintide 2 in the weekend as well.

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