The Twinstiq Game Club

Time for something new and it comes with the timing of a minor scandal during a presidential election.

The team recently decided to start a new feature: The Twinstiq Game Club (and in the spirit of unprofessionalism: name not yet final).  It basically works like a book club, meaning we decide on a game to play through and then have a discussion about it, podcast style. The cool part: You are invited to join!
In anticipation of the newly announced Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, our first game will be the original Deus Ex. While it didn’t age that well, especially on the visual and inventory management front, it’s still an outstanding title when it comes to level & mission design, and since Mankind Divided is set shortly before it, this will be a great preparation for its release.

Don’t own Deus Ex yet? Then head over to, where they are running a Cyberpunk sale for the next 40hours.
Do you want to take part in our discussion later this month? Have you played Deus Ex previously? Leave us a comment and join the Twinstiq Forum.