The Twinstiq Podcast – Episode 26: Uncommon Commons

Greywolfe, Matthew and me, Dr. S, talk about stuff that's happening in and mostly around like Firewatch, XCOM 2 and... well, mostly XCOM, i think... and that Amazon thing with the zombies. Yeah, Amazon is preparing their legal department for an upcoming zombie epidemic, doesn't that sound like something you want to know more about?
I'm sure you do, so no spoilers here, but it's really quite funny. Greywolfe disagrees with me on this, but he does that always so don't let that drag you down. I mean, fucking zombies, right?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode. It's really short compared to how long these things tend to get! Better listen to two in a row. You will only slightly regret it and what is life without a little regret every now and then. It's like the little pieces of grime and shit you get on the food you order from that one filthy place you really like to eat at. In theory you really don't want them, but they actually help your immune system and make you stronger as a result, which, and i think we can all agree on this, is a good thing!
So, yeah: The Twinstiq Podcast!

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