Kaio’s Kancelled

In a disappointing turn of events, Keiji Inafune's 3DS game, KAIO: King of Pirates has been cancelled.  It's a shame to see an original IP get dropped like this.  Considering Marvelous is letting the $3.8M project go, they must not have had enough faith that it would do well on the market, which is sad…
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WRUP: The Last of Us – Skylines

After they found out that Clickers were actually edible and tasty, Joel changed. What's everybody playing? Greywolfe (@lostwolfe, YouTube): Quest for glory 2, shovel knight, lost eden and hand of fate. again :P andoru (@Andoro36): 3D Out Run, Baby! All 3Days of my 3D weekend!! Cody Hall (@Yoda0VGs): Going to be playing some Chariot and…
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Game Changers: Out Run

Out Run (Arcade) (SEGA, 1986) So, Out Run has just hit the Nintendo 3DS eShop. That got me thinking about games that have had a significant impact on me over the years. Games that, for me, were so astounding, so groundbreaking, so incredibly stunning and awe-inspiring that they redefined what I thought a game could…
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