New Steam Store Releases: Tembo the Badass Elephant

Tembo the Badass Elephant is this week's highlight on the Steam Store. As mentioned earlier this week on the New PlayStation Store Releases, Tembo the Badass Elephant is a surprising new multiplatform property from long-time Nintendo developer Game Freak. Best known for their Nintendo-owned multimedia juggernaut, Pokemon, Game Freak has occasionally made games for other systems in the past. This, however, marks the first time that they have released a game simultaneously on multiple non-Nintendo platforms. The question is, will this be a one-time only affair or should gamers expect to be able to have more ways to play their great games in the future? Only time (and perhaps the success of Tembo) will tell.

Also out this week, an incredibly Japanesey shoot 'em up from a Swiss development studio (incredibly), a Bulgarian-made multiplayer demon hunting action RPG, and a puzzle platformer with an interesting mirror mechanic (origins uncertain). Break from tradition by going multiplatform, then jump past the break to see more of this week's new releases.

  • Tembo the Badass Elephant (Game Freak, Single-player, $14.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Nandeyanen (Tchagata Games, Single-player, $1.99) (Controller Support)
  • Victor Vran (Haemimont Games, Single & Multi-player, $19.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Retsnom (Somi, Single-player, $4.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Terra Nova (Looking Glass Studios, Single-player, $5.99)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 4 (Scott Cawthon, Single-player, $7.99)
  • Way of the Samurai 4 (Acquire, Single-player, $24.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Olympia Rising (Paleozoic, Single-player, $4.99) (Controller Support)
  • Feist (Finji, Single-player, $14.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
[Image: Game Freak]

Andrew J Amideo

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