[UPDATE] Kingdom Hearts 3 gets more info unlocked!


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UPDATE: We previously stated that the game itself will be released on November 3rd. Turns out that more information will be released on this date, not the game itself.  Amazon has December 31 listed, which is most likely just a placeholder date. The responsible writer will get no supper today and is banned from the cookie jar for one week.Kingdom Hearts 3 has been on the tips of everyone's tongue since it's trailer was dropped during E3. Though no other information about zones, key-blades or storyline has been touched on. Sony announced yesterday that it has finally decided on a released date for the game. Like most of the games announced at E3, Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to have more information come out November 3, 2015 for 'Holiday Season'.

Director Tetsuya Nomura in an interview mentioned that Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a free movement and run system. This let's the main character Sora to be able to perform different types of acrobatic movements such as running up walls. This allows the player to have more range and freedom then the previous games.On top of the free range Normura mentions that the game will feature new worlds along with some of the classics we know and love.

That's all for now, maybe I'll snag this title during some black Friday deals.