Sing Some Songs And Buff Your Friends.  The Bard Might Be Back.  [Updated!  Free Stuff!]

Please see the final paragraph of this article for updated information on the Kickstarter.Long ago and far away in the mid-80’s, a classic Role Playing Game came out that introduced the idea of The Bard, a singer of spells who would make your party stronger with his songs. These were turn-based dungeon crawls that had a modicum of 3D, animated portrait art and that need to map the world around you, because the game did not include auto mapping.

And then, thirty years passed in the blink of an eye...

Sadly, the turn-based style of role playing game fell out of favour in the 90’s and instead we got Diablo-likes aplenty. This didn’t seem to bode well for The Bard. At least that’s the way it would seem until 2004, when a hilarious action RPG variant was made of the game.

Taking RPG tropes and subverting them, this outing was considerably lighter in tone than most other RPG’s of the era, but the trouble was that it never quite rang true to the roots of The Bard’s Tale.

Enter InXile Entertainment, a company that has – slowly – been showing their pedigree through games like Torment:  Tides of Numera, a Kickstarted game that shares themes with cult classic Planescape:  Torment and Wasteland 2, a new follow-up to a venerable, deep role playing experience that was arguably the seed for fan-favourites Fallout 1 and 2.

Given their success with Kickstarter, InXile are turning to the crowd funding platform again to Kickstart a fourth Bard’s Tale.  And this time, they’ll be taking the series back to that mystical turn-based era.

The Kickstarter starts on the 2nd of June, 2015. So get ready to fund some turn based spell singing.Update!  If you back the project on the first day with a $20 pledge, you can also get either The Witcher 1, The Witcher 2 or Wasteland 2.  This offer is ONLY valid for that first twenty four hours.