What were they thinking? – Top 15 Swords in Gaming

A couple days ago, GameSpot did a top 15 most bad-ass swords in video game history. This list even ranked Link's Master Sword at #15. I don't know about you but I'm a little perturbed by their picks and I want to justify it. This being said, they really had no criteria or anything aside from "It cuts through things," to back up these decisions. I want to take this a step further and produce something that can actually be talked about. Maybe even turn it into a video sooner or later.

So I decided to make an alternate list, to compare and contrast where my ideal picks fall. I'm going to base my conclusions on why the sword will be considered "bad-ass" by these reasons:

1.       Look - If it makes me say, " Wow that's really bad-ass,"
2.       Damage - " Does it slice and dice onions? Or does it take off an arm with a quick swish.
3.       Character/Story - Is it used for most of the story, or is it just something the character has?
Is it a more notable sword?
4.       Actually is bad-ass - It made me say, " Wow that's really bad-ass," please refer to step 1 for more information.

This is where you guys come in. I will post my version of the list. If you agree or disagree, or even have your own list of most memorable weapons, drop me a line below!

Shall we take a look?

Alright now that you've clicked that read more, Let's get this ball rolling!

#15 - Rebellion (Devil May Cry Series)

We start off strong, with an iconic sword from Devil May Cry. It was Dante's pride and joy. You were able to strengthen this weapon to make it do even more damage than when you started. However some people weren't able to pick up Devil May Cry until later on in life, because of its maturity warning. This sword did not rank higher on my list because of it's simplicity. There are no bells and whistles when looking at the sword. Strong but plain.

#12 - Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker (World Of Warcraft)

Do you see how happy that skeleton man is? Look at him! Look at the sword! It's glorious! However, without that nice lightning effect, it's pretty plain. Also, do you know how hard it was to get this? Even nowadays, with the content being able to be soloed, the drop rate on the items needed to craft this sword was ridiculous. Wait a minute, I need to link this in trade chat really quick. Oh yes, I remember the hours and hours of chat-log of those who spent their days spamming Thunderfury in Trade Chat. I'm pretty sure they still do it too.

#14 - Auron's Katana (FFX)

Auron was a more notable character in Final Fantasy X and his starting weapon also is held on this list for its style. Slow but hard hitting, this sword was used more times to break shields than anything else. Again, this did not rank higher only because of simplicity. The golden design at the bottom was a nice touch, but does not keep people interested. Not even in the game, where you are able to swap it rather quickly for a better one.

#13 - Fierce Deity Sword (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

You better put that thing down, or so help me! No need to be upset, you're at the 13th spot. The Fierce Deity Sword is not really all that well known, unless you are a die-hard Zelda fan. This is where we start to see color and even a different shape. However, what makes this sword appear so low on the list, comes from the amount of work actually needed to obtain it. If you remember, Link trades twenty non-transforming masks to the four Moon Children Inside the Moon. The final child will give Link the Fierce Deity Mask. Wearing this mask enables Link to transform into the Fierce Deity only during boss battles.

#11 - Shuraba  (Bayonetta)

#10 - Dragon Sword (Ninja Gaiden)

Talk about gorgeous. This sword is ranked at 11 on my list of top swords, because of it's stereotypical Japanese katana model. Though, if you take a closer look, you do see that this sword is a living demonic weapon wielded by our very own Bayonetta. It's one of the easiest weapons to use, along with having a very nice damage and speed when playing the game.

#8 - Soul Reaver  (Legacy of Kain)

Technically named "The Reaver", which was also used in every one of the game titles. It's ugly, and also looks like Ozzy Osbourne had it created for one of his concerts. Would hurt the mightiest of foes with its snake like construction. The sword was originally created to take victims' blood, but was altered when it absorbed the soul of the time-traveling wraith Raziel. As the story continued, the sword became the ultimate weapon for the vampire Kain, some of you might not even remember this game. Thanks guys now I feel old.

#7 - BusterSword  (FF7)

The only way I can technically describe this sword is: F***ing Huge. But I can't just write that and get away with it. Here, I'll go to the definition: The Buster Sword can be classified as an enormous broadsword. Very slow, but hard hitting, it came to be one of the most iconic swords in video game industry. However it falls short of the top five for the simplicity of the design.
Ryu Hayabusa, the main character of Ninja Gaiden, wouldn't really be a Shinobi if he didn't have his trusted sword with him. Not really much to nit-pick, this sword slices, it dices, it makes really good julienne potato fries, OUT OF YOUR ENEMIES BONES.

#9 - Brotherhood (FFX, FFX-2)

I tried to stay away from using the same game multiple times, but I just couldn't deny a really great example. Brotherhood is an iconic sword wielded by Tidus in FFX, and later raised by Yuna in FFX-2. This sword not only came with a great look, but a great story to follow too. The only bad thing about this sword was it's stats. It was one of those, looks cool, but hits like a limp noodle. Sure, it was okay for a level or two, but I found that I replaced it way to quickly.

#6 - ChaosEater  (Darksiders)

Do you see this thing? It's gorgeous, but it's so ugly at the same time. I mean, what's going on here? Is it a barbarian style sword? Is it a spawn from a demonic being? Actually, this is the blade that the Red Horsemen carried during his battles between Heaven and Hell. This thing hurts, it was powerful and killed everything. The main problem with it? It's cool looking but it never truly hit bad-ass.

#5 - Energy Sword (Halo)

We start our top 5 Bad-ass picks with the Energy Sword. This, this is gorgeous. A plasma sword that when cutting also cauterizes the wounds, but that doesn't matter because you're already dead! It's truly one of a kind, that has an amazing color palate and stunning in game graphics. This was the weapon that everyone tried to grab when they saw it. 'The actual blade is composed of two partially ionized 'blades' of free moving electron based gas held in a blade-like form by two small magnetic-field generators built into the handle of the weapon.' (The facts)

#4 - Frostmourne (World of Warcraft, Warcraft 3)

Number four Bad-ass sword is Frostmourne. A deadly, enchanted rune blade that is known throughout the Warcraft lore. It was a blade that Ner'Zhul threw into the Frozen throne, predicting that Arthas, the most current Lich King, would find it on his quest to kill the dread lord Mal'ganis. To the players who have seen it in game during the boss fight, it really sticks out. It not only has graphics in game but each cut-scene is carefully crafted to show the true power of the blade. Truly a top five in my book.

#3 - Monado (XenoBlade Chronicles)

One of THE MOST original sword designs to have ever been featured in a video game and the number three spot on the Bad-ass countdown goes to Monado from the XenoBlade Chronicles. It's not every day you're beating you're enemies with a legendary blade. Not only does the sword destroy you're enemies, it also grants the wielder the ability to see into the future. This sword leads the way into battle by controlling the ether around it. Like the sword in the stone, the Monado can only be tamed by one, and you know him as Shulk.

#2 - The Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)

Number two on my most Bad-ass list of swords goes to The Master Sword, held by our very own Link. This sword is used by the main character for every game he's found in. It's the most iconic sword available today. People go to great lengths to get their very own version, even if it's Styrofoam or metal. It's not the most extravagant piece around, but it gets the job done. I can't really explain this sword more because it's so well known already. Parents are pretty much almost training their kids to know the story behind this sword from a young age.

#1 - Nightmare's Soul Edge  (SoulCalibur)

It's big, it's evil, it's original. The number one pick on my top 15 Bad-ass swords goes to Nightmare's Soul Edge. The look, the feel, the gameplay, everything was perfect. Sure, everyone had the Heavenly version, but everyone who was anyone decided to go for the Nightmare version as soon as they could. It just felt better, a heavy hitting sword that danced in the air like a Japanese cherry blossom petal as it slowly falls to the ground. This sword has been seen in multiple SoulCalibur games and is still a fan favorite to this day.


Wholy, my hands are tired. Well that's it for now!
Like I said, if you have a better suggestion, or have a more favorable weapon from a video game let us hear!

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