Discussion: A few thoughts about Captain America: Civil War -Spoilers-

I really loved this movie, one of the better experiences I've had in a while. I do have a few thoughts. Continue below for a quick, relatively unedited posting. There are spoilers in here so don't continue reading if you haven't seen the film yet.

Alright, so I've seen some reviews and a lot of them mention that nobody on either side spoke up in their own defense against the accusations made. I agree, somebody on the Avengers should have spoken up about collateral damage and what may have happened if during the battle of New York, the aliens were allowed to just run free and destroy whatever they wanted. Or how in Sokovia there was a considerable land mass just flying into the air and there was no way that was going to turn out well in any case.
Perhaps even Tony Stark could have mentioned to the Secretary of State, "Hey, remember that time when we were saving the city, and you guys decided to fire a nuke and just destroy the entirety of Manhattan Island, and just kill everyone and everything? How's that better than us -trying- to save as much and as many as we could? Thank goodness I was there to redirect that missile into space and avoid a much more serious incident."
I just sort of felt like they were rolling over defenseless, when they clearly had arguable points to make.

I really didn't like the shaky cam stuff with the opening scene. I think it was there to make us feel like some bystander recording it on a cell phone or something, but it was too much.

Did anyone notice this with the first the first villain? There was a lot of set up with him and he's basically just a throw away bad guy. I get that they needed him to prove a point when Scarlet Witch throws him in the air and he accidentally detonates near the side of the building, and show that Superheroes are fallible. So he still serves a purpose but he kind of felt like filler to me. He's also wearing a hockey mask -under- his gas mask during the start of that scene with the gas grenades, like it would help him or something. That's not how they work. I know it's nit-picky but it still stood out to me.

I did like Peter Parker / Spiderman. I think he was a great choice, and I felt like his role in Civil War was fun. I don't think he was too young at all. I have seen other reviews that dislike the fact that Stark's now tied to Spiderman and I kind of have to agree with that. What I don't entirely agree with is that he doesn't belong in this film. I think if Marvel had the rights to use him earlier they would have done so some time ago and sort of established his character a bit better instead of just -kind of- awkwardly placing him here as their introduction. Still, I liked his involvement and it did make me look forward to the Spiderman stand alone movie.

And lastly, does this mean Civil War 2? It's not on the Marvel schedule but I mean Cap didn't die, Bucky is in stasis, War Machine has to learn to walk again, so if they do kill Cap, it's looking like the best to take the mantle of the three is Falcon. Which would still fit. I don't want to see Chris Evans -not- be Cap, but if Marvel is going to follow their own story he's gotta go at some point, even if it's temporary (maybe one movie) and he's resurrected like in the comics.

And just in case there's someone reading this and notices, I did post this comment almost word for word on the Angry Joe Show, You Tube spoiler discussion board. So no plagiarism involved, if anyone cares anyway.

Let me know what you guys think, I'm curious.

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